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dreamGEAR HDMI 1.4 Cable w/ Ethernet & Audio Return Channel

  • $20.00

HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is the most advanced interface available for your HDTV and home theatre system. HDMI sends an uncompressed, all digital signal ensuring sharpest and richest picture and sound quality. It is the best choice for the HD gamer and movie enthusiast.
  • Perfect for HD gaming and movies
  • Stunning digital video and audio signal 
  • Anti-corrosive 24K gold plated contacts 95% copper, multi-strand conductors 
  • High-density multi-shielding Nitrogen (N2) Gas Injected Dielectric 
  • 6 ft cable length 
  • Durable mesh cable Version 1.4 with HDMI Ethernet Channel and Audio Return 

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