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Retro-Bit LegacyGC Wired Controller for Gamecube & Wii - Indigo

  • $19.99

The Legacy arrives to bring a classic feel to your Nintendo Gamecube® and Wii®. This updated version of our controller has a familiar button layout, comfortable DPad, and the addition of Turbo functionality. The shoulder buttons now utilize both digital and analog inputs to allow for functionality across most titles. Players can also change the DPad to function as the analog or C-stick as needed. A comfortable grip accompanies the 10ft/3m cable length to allow for gaming in almost any play area.

  • Compatible with Nintendo GameCube® and Wii®
  • Macros allow DPad to function as the analog or C-stick
  • 10ft/3m cable length
  • Includes Turbo functionality

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