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3 in 1 Game Essentials Plus Kit Wii - Black

  • $34.99

The 3-in-1 Game Essentials Plus bundle has the three most important accessories for your Wii gaming needs. Use the included Dual Trigger Light Blaster for all the First Person Shooter games, such as the Call of Duty series. The Glow Saber is perfect for any sword game, such as Star Wars The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels. The Glow Saber also fits the Wii Remote with its Wii Remote Jacket, allowing you to play without removing it from the Wii Remote Jacket. And for all those great driving games, such as Mario Kart, the Racing Wheel is the perfect addition. All of them have a beautiful black and soft rubberized finish, and fit the Wii Remote with or without the MotionPlus attachment. They also all have infrared pass through ports, allowing you to use the Wii Remote for navigating through the menus, while still in the accessories. With these three accessories, the Wii will not feel like a game system anymore; more like a Virtual Reality system!


  • "Easy-On” Power Button
  • Fits the Wii Remote with or without MotionPlus
  • Unique Infrared Pass-through featuring breakaway hinge for saber
  • Perfect for slashing games
  • LEDs for amazing glow effects
  • For use with Wii Remote Jacket
  • Rubberized for comfort and control


  • More realistic steering
  • Infrared Pass-through
  • Easy to use snap-in design
  • Fits the Wii Remote with or without MotionPlus
  • Rubberized for comfort and control
  • Dual triggers for maximum functionality and control
  • Infrared Pass-through 
  • Fits the Wii Remote with or without MotionPlus
  • Compatible with first person, rail, and target shooting games
  • Trigger activated LED effects
  • Tigger activated rumble effects
  • Rear pass-through compatible with Wii Nunchuk
  • Rubberized for comfort and control

Wii Remote / Controller / Nunchuk are NOT included

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