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Hori FPS Assault Pad 3 Controller for PS3

  • $49.99

This controller pad has been designed specifically for use with FPS games. Emphasis has been placed on player movement and aiming control. The L & R analog stick are swappable (3 sizes) allowing you to adjust the height to 3 levels for ideal placement. The sensitivity on the Right analog stick can be adjusted from Level 1 to Level 10. 6 remappable buttons including new FL/FR buttons allows you to customize button functions to your liking. New "Target Button" while pressed, reduces the right analog stick sensitivity for precise aiming. Integrated vibration function. Blue LED illuminates the controller.


Designed to enhance player movement and aiming control - Optimized for FPS gaming. Analog stick height can be adjusted! (Choose from 3 different attachments - included) Adjustable analog stick sensitivity (10 stages of adjustment) New FL and FR buttons placed in between L1/L2 and R1/R2 buttons All L buttons and R buttons and Triangle/Circle/Square/X buttons are remappable. Integrated vibration/rumble function "Target button" on the bottom of the pad improves the accuracy of the right analog stick control which is especially useful for long range shooting and sniping. Blue LED lighting enhances the overall aesthetics of the pad. (LED lights can be turned off) Official Licensed Call of Duty: MW 3 artwork by Activation

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