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dreamGEAR Comfort Grip Ergonomic Protective Silicone Cover for Nintendo Switch OLED

  • $19.99

A soft, sleek silicone cover, offering the ultimate protection for your Nintendo Switch® - OLED Model. The Comfort Grip features ergonomic grips and extra padding, along with an antimicrobial additive that fights against microbes. Play with style and comfort with the Comfort Grip by dreamGEAR®. Nintendo Switch OLED console is not included.

  • Ergonomic grips reduce hand fatigue during long gaming sessions.
  • Slip on and off with ease.
  • Extra padding for protection against short drops and falls.
  • Cutouts for ports, stand, vent and infrared motion camera.
  • Antimicrobial additive helps fight against harmful microbes.
  • Nintendo Switch OLED console is not included.

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