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dreamGEAR New Nintendo 3DS XL 20 in 1 Essentials Starter Kit - Black

  • $29.99

All of these items come together for the rst time in this must-have 20in1 Essentials Kit. The NEW 3DS™XL deserves an extra large boost!
  • CARRYING CASE - For safe portability and Protection. The Protective Case is designed to store and protect your 3DS
  • USB SD CARD READER - Transfers data from 3DS XL via USB. Store and transfer pictures, videos, and files from you 3DS to PC or vice versa.
  • EARBUDS - Stereo Sound Crank up your favorite game or music in stereo sound. Crisp and clear audio experience 3.5mm audio plug. 4 foot cable
  • 4 GAME CASES - Protect and store 3 games
  • 1 PRECISION STYLUS - Increase Comfort and Precision The Precision Stylus is designed to provide comfort and precision.
  • USB CAR CHARGER - Power on the Road. Charge while traveling Power your 3DS from any car outlet. 4 foot cable 2 WRIST STRAP - Protection and Safety. Prevent your 3DS from dropping accidentally with the wrist strap.
  • 2 SCREEN PROTECTORS - Scratch Protection. For top and bottom screens. Keep your 3DS screens new, scratches free, and clean
  • 4 SCREEN CLEANERS - Keep screens clean
  • Color - Black
  • New Nintendo 3DS XL is NOT included

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