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Tomee NES Zapper Light Gun

  • $11.50

The Tomee Zapp Gun is a must-have item for any die-hard NES fans. With its unique two-tone color and revolver-style design, the Tomee Zapp Gun completes your NES experience with games like Duck Hunt & Operation Wolf.

Compatible with NES or Famicom gaming system Two-tone color, revolver style hand gun Hard plastic material Compatible with the following games:
- 3in1 Super Gun
- The Adventures of Bayou Billy
- Baby Boom
- Barker Bill's Trick Shooting
- Chiller
- Duck Hunt
- Freedom Force
- Gotcha!
- Gumshoe
- Hogan's Alley
- Laser Invasion
- Mechanized Attack
- Operation Wolf
- Shooting Range
- To the Earth
- Track & Field II
- Wild Gunman

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