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PDP Official Battlefield 4 Wired Controller for PS3

  • $49.99

Dominate the battlefield with the officially licensed Battlefield 4™ Controller. Featuring dual multi-function wheels located on the rear of the controller, zinc alloy triggers, illuminated logos, detachable cable, and upgraded with PDP's SmartTrack™ technology, these controllers are custom engineered for high performance gameplay. The dual multi-function wheels allow you to remap up to six buttons allowing you hit important actions, like reload or switch weapons, without moving your thumbs from the sticks during intense battles. SmartTrack fine-tunes analog stick tracking ranges to optimum levels improving precision, boosting reaction time, and minimizing “deadzone”. The detachable cable allows you to neatly wrap your cable reducing stress on the connectors during storage and transport. Features:


Compatible with ALL PS3 systems -Region Free Zinc alloy triggers Dual multi-function wheels offer 6 programmable actions Illuminated logos Detachable breakaway cable Wired Controller Official Licensed

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