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Action Wii Remote Controller w/ Built-in MotionPlus & Analog Stick (White)

  • $29.99

The Action Remote Controller Plus uses multiple internal accelerometers to calculate directional motion and speed. It is perfect for racing games, sports games, shooting games and MORE! It has Motion Sense built in so there is no need for the MotionPLUS™ accessory when playing Wii MotionPLUS™ compatible games. The compact and ergonomic design provides gamers with the ability to play comfortably for long hours. The included analog-style joystick allows for even more comfort and control while playing games. And now there is no need for bulky MotionPLUS™ attachments.

Action Wii Remote Controller

  • Compatible with Wii Nunchuk™
  • Multiple accelerometers for motion gaming
  • Motion Sense technology built-in (compatible with MotionPlus games)
  • Internal rumble motors
  • IR sensor
  • Internal speakers
  • Power ON/OFF button
  • LED player indicator
Also Includes:
  • Analog-style joystick (rubberized for comfort and control)
  • Wrist strap
  • Silicone Sleeve Cover

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