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dreamGEAR 7in1 Vacation Pack for Wii/Wii U - White

  • $25.00

Vacation Pack is designed for use with Wii Sports Resort. Each attachment has an infrared pass-through port so you don’t have to remove it constantly during menu selections. Just place in your Wii Remote you’re ready for continuous play! Each item is designed for the Wii Remote inside the Silicone Sleeve with or without MotionPlus.

  • Offers more realistic play on Wii Sports Resort games
  • Remote handle includes a pass through port
  • Remote handle is designed for use with MotionPlus and Silicone sleeve
  • Glow Saber requires 2 “AAA” batteries (sold separately)
  • Wii Controllers / Wiimotes / Nunchuks are NOT included

Vacation Pack includes:

  • Wii Remote Handle
  • Glow Saber
  • Golf Club
  • Table Tennis Paddle
  • Archery Bow
  • Frisbee
  • Rowing Oar

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